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My name is Ted Duboise. I have been a businessman for 34 years. I have owned my own businesses and I have worked for the corporate world.  I have been a Management Trainer with three companies.  I have produced numerous successful new managers into the business world.  With this site, I will share with you the tools, ideas, resources, and best practices that have helped me to be successful. I will also share with you some ideas and practices that have not worked for me.

I chose the name "quiltjazz" for a simple reason: a quilt usually has many colors and themes and is very valuable when handmade. As with a quilt, so will this site be: many themes and valuable because the forms will be, so to speak "handmade", professionally created by me. Some will be generic free forms and others will be custom-created to fit the needs of your business. Again, thank you for choosing quiltjazz!

Please register on the Please Answer page. Why register? First and foremost, I would like to know what your interests are and how I can be of service to you. Also, I will be able to keep you informed and up-to-date when business news , free business forms and other information is added to the site. Suggestions and feedback are certainly welcome! You may do this by completing the Please Answer page or send me an email at ted@quiltjazz.com. So look around the site, check out my Services page, visit my friends and partners, get free forms and articles.


A Series of Dots . . .

My true reason for creating this website is to be a Business Coach to the business owner and self-employed professional.  A leader has many definitions and Webster has one that pertains to the printing business:  a series of dots to direct the reader to a specific point.  I think this can be used to describe a Leader in the business world!  In business, a Leader is one who constantly teaches a series of information (dots) to direct the employees to a specific goal (point).  It is by daily coaching that eventually the business achieves the desired results.  Daily coaching molds the employees into following the Leader's desires.  This is my daily coaching for you:  A Series of Dots . . .

Contact Information

This website developed and operated by :

T. L. Duboise d/b/a Spirit Equities

54 Stone View Drive, Hoschton, Ga 30548

Phone:  706.654.3809  

 Fax:  706.654.3352

Email:  ted@quiltjazz.com


Note:  When you see the quiltjazz logo, clicking it will take you to the home page.

What can you expect from quiltjazz?

Actually, on this site, you can expect about anything that pertains to small business and self-employed professionals. 

Just like a quilt:  many colors and various themes.

Here are a few of the topics:

  • Business Reports
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Training
  • Incorporating a Business
  • Managing Employees
  • Perks and Benefits
  • Time Out for a Jape
  • Business Parties/Events
  • Managing Suppliers
  • Administrative Stuff
  • New Business Ideas
  • Free Forms
  • Tee Time

. . . and much, much more.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!




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