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Virtual Assistant

Two Articles - Be Sure To Read Both!

First, I want to talk to the business owner.  One of my favorite books has always been "How To Delegate Work and Ensure It's Done Right !"  written by Dick Lohr many years ago.  In this book, Mr. Lohr gives 12 steps to delegating work and then goes on to explain how to follow up to make sure the work is satisfactory and meets the standards set by the delegator.  If you've been in business for any amount of time, you've learned that you simply cannot do everything.  Although many professionals and business owners do try to do this.  Trying to do everything will make your business life and personal life miserable. 

Delegating is an art or business best practice that can be learned.  Simply put, by delegating you can multiply your efforts and achieve more.  What I want to talk about here is a way to delegate certain aspects of your work and business that is simply liberating!  One of your best business decisions could be to hire a Virtual Assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is your office assistant - but not in your office.  A Virtual Assistant is a professional, independent contractor / entrepreneur who will assist you with administrative duties, marketing services, and / or technical services.  Now, before you jump to conclusions, let me explain further. 

Delegation is multiplication

You need to understand two things about delegation:

1.  You delegate work to free you of having to do the tedious details

2.  You delegate work for the things that you can't do very well - and someone else can

I have learned that things that I don't do very well or don't want to do, someone else will take those things, make them a priority, and get them done better and quicker.  Ultimately, this makes me more money.

Think about your work.  What do you do in your day-to-day business that you'd love to give to someone else to do for you?  I'm sure there's plenty.  And, there are things you probably haven't even thought about - yet, if they were done, done right, and done quicker - you'd make more money and / or have more time to spend with your family or friends.

Become a Virtual Assistant


What Does a V A Do?

Virtual Assistants (VA for short) does: 

*  Administrative, office, bookkeeping, and clerical duties

*  Specialized business services, i.e., client contact point, marketing campaigns, and more

*  Business meeting presentations:  equals more sales

*  Website Duties and Administration:  equals more sales and provides more information about your business and products to your clients

*  Business Proposals:  equals more sales

*  P R:  your business has more visibility and is better known in your area

The Benefits and How Much Will It Cost?

Actually, you'll probably save money!  It is estimated that employees actually cost two times what their salary is.  A V A is an independant contractor - not an employee.

*  V A fees are tax-deductible as a business expense

*  V A services are cost-effective because you pay per project or contract - not by the hour

*  You SAVE because you pay no employee benefits (vacation pay, insurance contributions, sick pay, workers comp)

Who needs a Virtual Assistant?

Small Business Owners, Professional Practices, College Professors, People Who Travel Often, Large Family Reunions / Events, Churches and Non-Profit Organizations.  So, considering all the things you have to do, are you ready to hire a V A?

Still Not Sure?

Here is a cool V A Cost Comparison tool from Ms. Snowden at http://anovelspace.com/va-cost-comparison



Home Stager

We are all familiar with the housing market slump.  But homes are still being bought and sold.  If you're in the market to sell your home, or, if you're looking for a new profession, you will want to read about the Professional Home Stager .

Professional Home Stager


This area of the site is designed to report on various businesses and professions that might normally be overlooked.  I have titled this section, quiltBiz to reflect the varied businesses that will be covered here.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs are known for being creative.  Here, you'll learn about some of those creations: very interesting businesses.


Here is a How-To guide to Starting Your Own Business As A Virtual Assistant.  A very easy read with step-by-step instructions, this book will teach you to become successful as an online Virtual Assistant.




      We’ll take care of filing your Inc or LLC





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